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    Do you hate cooking, cleaning, and housekeeping chores? If your answer is yes, our sexy Texas Maidens are waiting for you! We know you live a busy lifestyle, trying to manage your precious time with work and social responsibilities. Why spend the remaining time you have performing the chores you despise! Wouldn’t it be better to have a sexy topless maid taking care of all the jobs you wish you never had to do again?
  •  Professional

    Do you work with someone that needs some excitement in their life? Our Texas Maidens are also available for business accounts! Why not treat your boss, a business partner, traveling colleague, or an employee to an experience of a lifetime! What would be better than having a beautiful, topless Texas Maiden clean your office while you sit back and enjoy the view? Texas Maidens provides our clients with the ultimate sexy maid fantasy!
  •  Discreet

    We only employ the most desirable women. Be able to cross several major chores off your to do list and let our Texas Maidens take care of your annoying and time consuming tasks. We are available as often as you need us; it does not matter if you want us once a month or twice a week. We are here to serve you with a gorgeous maid to take care of those mind-numbing chores.



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Texas Maidens are not escorts and provide no illegal services. Please do not contact us if you are search of an escort. If sex solicitations occur during the job, it will be terminated immediately without refund of payment.